Asteroids and exams….


You know, it may be weird, but I think it is always sort of refreshing to start something new on a new website.  For those of you that have followed by blog before, you may have noticed that I have transitioned from BlogSpot (the Google page) to WordPress.  After looking at many a blog, I have been impressed by the greater amount of design options and ease of operation that this site offers.  Needless to say….I switched!  If you are disappointed in any way, sorry (maybe I’ll post a few randomly just for kicks and giggles!).


I have finally had it and am taking a break from studying.  In the past two weeks, I have taken 3 exams and am currently (well, until my break of course) studying for another tomorrow.  Ah, October.  The time of mid-terms and leaves changing.  A time of studying and pumpkin carving.  Who couldn’t love it?

So, in order to spite the professor of my current studying escapade (albeit, my favorite professor by far, but that’s neither here nor there), I have just popped in Armageddon (which he is convinced is the worst production in cinematic history, right up there with Pearl Harbor) and am making my transition to WordPress.  Sounds like a good evening to me 🙂  In any case, I feel my break is well deserved after the past few weeks I’ve had.

September started my foray into the world of collegiate dairy judging.  I was on the 4-H dairy judging teams that competed at the NAILE in 2006 and the World Dairy Expo in 2007, but I’ve taken the past year or so off.  This fall, though, I have been competing as a member of MSU’s collegiate team.  So far we have been to the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, PA and the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.  These trips have been tons of fun, but have made catching up on my schoolwork a little difficult to say the least.

This semester I am taking 16 credits (less than I took last year), but apparently I managed to pick the hardest classes to fit into those sixteen.  Well, let me rephrase that–I picked the hardest CLASS to take: Genetics.  Now you would think that someone who 3.5ed and 4.0ed her last two biology classes would be able to manage this, but let me tell you this–no way!  It’s definitely going to take everything I have just to pass.  On top of that, I have Microbiology, Introduction to Communication Methods (yuck), and Interpersonal Communication.  Busy, busy, dizzy!

I will survive, though!

With that, I should get back to watching Armageddon (ah, nothing like saving the world from a giant rock that creates flames in space to get you in a good mood!) and studying.

Over and out!


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