Opportunities–Take 'em!

I know, I know. The title of this post leads you to believe I’ve jumped back into FFA state officer mode.

Well, much to your chagrin, I have (at least for these few paragraphs written from my iPod Touch now that I have the FREE WordPress app!).

While having a conversation with my dad yesterday, I was sharing with him just how excited I was for the National FFA Convention in a week and a half. See, even though I’m done with my time as a member, I’ve gotten a great OPPORTUNITY to really expand my horizons and try something new. I will be serving as a collegiate host for the National FFA Foundation, giving tours and coordinating transportation for some of their most prosperous current and potential supporters.


While I can’t say who these supporters are for security reasons, I will say that it is going to be super cool! Not only do I have the OPPORTUNITY to network and mingle for myself, but I get the chance to share with these people and companies all the cool things FFA members are doing and the vast number of OPPORTUNITIES they are taking advantage of. How sweet is that?!

Getting back to my conversation with my dad–after sharing about my convention excitement, he expressed how much he wished more kids would take advantage of a variety of OPPORTUNITIES that crossed their paths, no matter what form they take.

So many high school students do very few things outside of playing sports and hanging out with friends. These same kids, as my dad shared, often get to resume building time their senior year and say, “I don’t have anything to put on here”. They’re also the same types of kids that go to college (if they go) with little idea of what they are really passionate about in life. How do we prevent this, though, as young adults?

You guessed… OPPORTUNITIES–take ’em!

Whether you are in band, FFA, 4-H, student government, your church youth group–I don’t care, just GET INVOLVED. Organizations and groups all over the country have conventions, conferences, mission trips, etc. that are meant to help you grow and expand your horizons. Besides that, they’re a whole lot of fun!!

Okay, now that I’ve gone on my rant and you’ve gotten sick of my capital letters, I’ll bring this to a close. Just remember–the world provides lots of cool opportunities, you just haveto be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of them.

Until next time–over and out!


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