Save Me From Insanity!

Man, I can’t help but think that lately I have been a total blog-slacker. I keep checking out totally awesome blogs and go “Wow, what the heck have I been doing lately?” And then I remember.

I’ve been totally busy with everything and anything.

I will readily admit to anyone who asks that I keep myself busy and even have a tendency to overbook myself if I’m not careful. This past week has been especially bad as I got into a bad habit of writing things down in random notebooks and forgetting to put them in my planner–oops!

As everyone keeps telling me, though, I need to work on taking a little time out here and there for myself–it would definitely help with my sanity ;). Keeping that in mind, I’m trying very hard to not schedule so many things and to quit booking things from 8 am to 9 pm solid. Granted, between NAMA meetings, presentation team practices, three different group projects, class, work, 4-H Foundation meetings, Block and Bridle, and office hours–it’s gonna be hard! Still, if I don’t I may go crazy (and, trust me, NO ONE wants to see that!).

On another note, the fact that the sun is shining and it’s supposed to be 70 today is doing a lot to boost my attitude. Seriously, how can you NOT be happy on a day like this? 🙂


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