Around the 'farm'….

So, I figured while I was home this week I’d take a few pictures to show off where I live. Both of my parents work full-time and farming is more the ‘hobby’ type that you hear about, so we don’t have a lot of land. Like I’ve said before, we raise pigs and lambs on a small scale and then we have a little of a lot of stuff 🙂 With no further ado, here are my pictures!

The view from my back porch...

My stepmom's horse and the hoop house that my dad's been trying to finish for...ohhh...a couple years 🙂

My house!

My neighbor's American Bison. They have 80+ of them and they are way cooler than anything we have. Still trying to convince my dad I need a baby buffalo 🙂


4 responses

  1. I love it! It is wonderful to be able to look out your window and enjoy grazing animals!

  2. Love these, Amanda. It’s always fun to see pictures of other people’s farms, regardless of size, methods, products, etc. Some of my favorite photography of all time comes from a small heritage sheep farmer in New England. I’d love to see more 🙂

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