Passion–A curse and a blessing.

Passion–it’s an interesting thing. I have always tried to live a life full of it. Indeed, when I was a state FFA officer, our theme for the year was ‘Dare to Live: Unleash Your Passion’. However, for as much as living with passion has helped me be successful in a number of things and activities, it is also the thing that has put me in tears on a variety of occasions. Let me elaborate.

For the better part of a decade–the time-period where I’ve made most of my fairly adult decisions, I’d say–I have followed involvement in agriculture with a sincere passion for the industry. I love FFA, 4-H, NAMA, #agchat and everything else that I have been able to get my hands on to help me bring my passions to reality in every day life. In all of my activities, however, I hold myself to a very high caliber. I blame it on the passion. Irregardless, trying to live up to my own high standard and do everything with passion–and not just because I should–has helped me accomplish a great many things, from earning scholarships and awards to meeting a host of amazing people. For that, I am grateful.

On the flip side of all the wonderful things living a life with passion has allowed me to experience, passion has also led me to experience frustration on a number of occasions. In the past, funding for FFA and support for my major have led me to get worked up on several instances. Lately, I’ve seen an online community that I am a very avid supporter of face challenge. Everyday, the non-farm public criticizes not only our industry, but our way of life. For me, frustration can lead to tears and, in those moments, I sometimes wonder if it’s easier to follow a life that is passion-less. Without passion, no one can ever tear you down.

But then I remember the conversations I’ve had with people over the years. What is a life without passion? Meaningless. Do you live a life with or without passion? How do you handle moments when that passion is criticized or attacked?

Someday (I hope), I’ll toughen up and be able to defend my passion in a calm, collected, effective way. That part can be fixed. Living a passion-less life, though? There’s often no cure for that.


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  1. “Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

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