Getting our cowboy (or girl!) on!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go watch my aunt and uncle at one of their competitive shooting competitions. They participate on the SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) circuit in cowboy action shooting. It’s a lot like the Old West. Everyone is dressed up in period clothing (or something close to it) and they have to shoot weapons that are originals or replicas of guns from that period. We’re talking stuff like the most famous pistol of all times–the Colt!

Some of my favorite people to watch were, of course, my aunt and uncle, as well as their friends Kendra and Steve. In SASS competition, though, everyone has their cowboy alias. My aunt and uncle are Short Fuse Ruby and Black Tom, while Kendra and Steve are KJ and Deuce. Deuce is one of my uncle’s best friends and is actually a world champion shooter. Check out some of the video below to see how fast he is (he’s known for being super fast at unloading the pistol really fast at a single target) and click to see Short Fuse Ruby, Black Tom and KJ shoot. You can also find an awesome video of Deuce shooting his world champion pistol run here.

One of my favorite part of going to the shoot was getting to see all the people my aunt and uncle talked about while I lived with them this summer. There was Chili Pepper Pete who wore this great Pecos Bill hat, Doc Molar (surprise–he’s a dentist!) and Doc’s two kids (who are both shooting in the ‘buckaroo’ age division right now). Everyone was a lot of fun to meet and watch. There are shooters of all ages from 10 or 11 all the way up to men and women in their 70s. It just goes to show how great it is to find something that you enjoy and meet people that enjoy the same things you do. Plus, it’s fun to shoot guns and dress up like a cowboy (or girl!)!

After the competition wrapped up, my sister, my boyfriend and I got to shoot some of the cowboy style weapons for fun. Katie and I had gotten the chance to shoot them before when visiting my aunt, but it was the first time shooting a competition-style weapon for Mitch (he usually just shoots his hunting stuff). It was really fun to try and get faster and faster, at the same time as working on your accuracy. It is definitely something I could see myself getting into and enjoying in the future. Check out some of the video below to see me taking a crack at it with the pistol and follow the links to see Mitch and Katie cowboy up!


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  1. This is what we need at all ag events=> target shooting and good old fashioned Western stand offs 🙂

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