FFA, SAE, Ag Ed….What are you talking about?!

Did you know that high schools all over the country are teaching students about agricultural science? Historically known as ‘vocational agriculture’, agricultural science teachers are working to educate youth on where their food and natural resources come from utilizing scientific principles, including biology, chemistry and physical sciences. These courses also aim to prepare students for their future by developing leadership skills through membership in the National FFA Organization and experiential learning with Supervised Agricultural Experiences, or SAEs.
As a way to bring together agricultural education (aka: ag ed) teachers from all over the country, I have been working with Drew Bender, an agriscience teacher from Ohio, to develop #AgEduChat–a bi-weekly Twitter-moderated conversation about all things related to ag education. Developed similar to other Twitter chats like #agchat and #blogchat, #AgEduChat aims to encourage dialogue between ag education teachers, students and teachers about issues and topics affecting our profession.
Below is an e-mail from Drew about the chat. If you have more questions or are interested in participating but don’t know how, let Drew or me know!
As we all know, education is an everchanging field. Instructional strategies, assessments, and technologies are much different than what was used 5-10 years ago.  5-10 years from now education is going to be much different than today even. It is changing so fast it is sometimes hard for teachers young and old or even students learning to be teachers to keep up with the new trends.

I am sure we all want an easier way to locate and begin interacting with one another to ask questions and share teaching ideas, resources, and other tips and tricks for others. With those in mind, some of us involved in agricultural education across the nation have decided to start #AgEduChat* and we want you to join us.

#AgEduChat will be a bi-weekly fast-paced, thought provoking chat using Twitter to stream the discussion.  We will use #AgEduChat to discuss and address what is going on in education and specifically agricultural education.  Topics will range from classroom management to student motivation to FFA to parent/community involvement and many others. We are looking forward to addressing any topics or issues that you may have questions about or expertise in that we can share with others.

Our first #AgEduChat will be Sunday November 7th from 7:00-8:00 PM EST.

If you have any questions please contact, via Twitter, @DrewBender or, via GMail, if you do not have a Twitter account – bender.140@gmail.com to learn how to set up an account.

Also, for tips and tricks on to set-up a Twitter account or to better understand how to use it, please use the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Social Media Guide.

*#AgEduChat is what is considered a hashtag used on Twitter to allow users to tag a post and share a personal perspective on a topic. They are designated by the “#”, followed by a tag.  Using hashtags allows Twitter users to search for the conversation streams and communities on Twitter.


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