You know you're growing up when…

I haven’t lived at home for more than a couple of weeks for nearly 4 years. Between summer internships and my inability to be productive during a weekend home, I probably only make it there every 4-6 weeks or so and on breaks for a little while.

Apparently my parents understood that real quick and determined that I had shifted into guest mode about 3 years ago. What does this mean, you ask?

That’s right. No bed.

For 3 years, I’ve been painfully and uncomfortably sleeping on the couch for every visit and break at home. I get woken by the sunshine thanks to no blinds and the first sounds I hear are those from my family who has a distinct inability to be quiet in the morning. My bed was given to my stepbrother who still lives at home and my sister evaded the bed disappearance phenomenon because her room became the guest bedroom. Unfortunately her mess tends to follow her onto the bed, leaving little to no room for me to share with her.

Thankfully, this Christmas break, my parents were kind enough to blow up a halfway decent air mattress for me to lay my pretty little head on at night. It has been much appreciated (even though I was awake most of the first night thanks to a clock with a bell that goes off every 15 minutes…<sigh>…a girl just can’t get a break) and hopefully I’ll be able to convince them to keep it around for future visits.

Still, it’s weird to think about all of my things disappearing from home and the new ‘home’ being my house in Lansing. Words of wisdom to all you college freshmen out there: watch out. You’ll know you’re growing up when your bed disappears.


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  1. Some parents just dont seem to catch that empty nest syndrome šŸ˜‰

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