Eureka! Dinner for one

I will be the first to admit that I am not a cook. Sure, like a lot of people, I love the Pioneer Woman and I try to emulate her greatest recipes when I can. However, my own cooking abilities? Not so hot. Which is why, you might be surprised to find out, this post is all about cooking!

As a college student, it is HARD to find meals for one person. Even when I cut recipes in half or have my boyfriend over for dinner, I still usually end up eating leftovers for days. Most websites out there with recipes for two usually involve either expensive items or items that no normal college kid keeps on hand due to a lack of use. And — can I just say? — there are only so many days in a row that you can eat spaghetti.

After years of an inability to find one-woman meals, I finally found a dish that works out great for one! It actually was a recipe from my aunt that I’ve found can be cut down in size to whatever I want. So, without any further ado, below is my recipe for a delicious bean burrito that works PERFECTLY whether you’re single or a college kid like me just trying to keep the leftovers to a minimum!

Super Duper Easy Bean Burritos

-As many chicken breasts as you want (I’ve found that 1 breast=2 burritos, which is perfect if you can eat two in one sitting or only want one night or work lunch of leftovers; also, you can use whatever chicken you want–I actually like boneless, skinless chicken thighs too)

-Bean dip (I buy the Tostitos mild pre-made stuff–no hot, hot, hot for this chica)

-Salsa (any kind you want, but I think the jar stuff works better than the fresh stuff)

-Tortilla shells


Cook your chicken (any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, any way you want it — i.e. boil it, fry it, grill it: I don’t care. Just get it fully cooked, please.). Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Shred your cooked chicken with two forks. Mix your chicken with as much bean dip and salsa as keeps it all together. Put chicken-salsa-bean dip mix in tortilla shell. Cover with cheese. Close tortilla. Cover with cheese. Bake for 20 minutes. Enjoy!


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