Sadness in a social media world

I was catching up on posts from The Pioneer Woman just now when I ran across a recent post about Sarah, from Spruce Hill Farm. I had never realized that Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) and Sarah were friends, but I have been following Sarah on Twitter for some time. She has been battling cancer, but still finds ways to connect with others via social media while she’s waiting for treatment or recovering from a trip to the hospital. I enjoy Sarah’s tweets and think I’ve even gotten a chance to chat back and forth with her before. She’s extremely brave and someone to look up to.

I learned from Ree’s post, however, that Sarah lost her battle with cancer on Wednesday night.

It’s understood that we feel grief about those in our families and communities we lose to that horrible thing known as cancer. In this new world of connection afforded by social media, though, it’s an entirely different feeling to be sad about and miss someone that you’ve never met in real life. It’s a new feeling for me and not one I’d like to feel again soon. However, I’m glad that Twitter gave me the opportunity to learn a little more about Sarah, her courage and her story.

I had no intention of making this an extremely long post, but wanted to get my thoughts out there. Ree did a great job remembering Sarah here. I hope you’ll take a minute to give it a read and remember a member of our social media family.


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