Starting a new job is so exciting!

Ever since I changed my life’s direction about a month and a half ago, I’ve been spending a ton of time applying for jobs that could kickstart my career. I wanted something that allowed me to use all of my skills and knowledge in agricultural communications in a position that had lots of variety. That led me to integrated marketing and public relations agencies who work primarily with agriculture and rural living clients (something that was very important to me).

After a long search, lots of interviews and several visits, I finally made a decision (and let me tell you, I did not make it lightly. Everyone is so great at all the places I visited!).

I am going to be starting a position in July with broadhead. in Minneapolis and I couldn’t be more excited! broadhead. (yes, with the lowercase B and period at the end!) is an integrated marketing agency working with exactly the type of clients I was looking for. The people there were amazing and, from the first time I walked in the doors, it just felt right. I think I’m going to learn a ton and meet a lot of great people along the way!

If you’re in the greater MSP area and have any tips for moving/places to visit/etc., give me a shout-out! The next two weeks are going to go by super fast and I’ll be a career woman before you know it!


5 responses

  1. Congrats, Friend! That is so exciting. I’ll be praying for a smooth transition!

  2. Congrats and best of luck!

  3. Rebecca Hannam | Reply

    Congratulations, Amanda! I have no doubt that you will succeed in anything you choose to do. Good luck & best wishes on your new beginning!

  4. Congratulations, Amanda! I know we’ll see great things from you. Don’t forget us little people in Michigan!

  5. They look like a great company. Good luck Amanda! If you’re ever coming through Illinois, perhaps we can have you come talk to our agricultural communications students 🙂 Best of luck to you!

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