Never just one thing

Standpoint Theory says you’re never just one thing. You’re never just a woman or a man. You’re never just a college student. You’re never just poor or rich. You’re never just a daughter or a brother or a friend. Every experience you have influences the choices you make and the person you are. — A summary of Standpoint Theory as told by my gender communications professor

I was reading a blog the other day (for the life of me, I can’t remember whose – if it was you, feel free to chastise my poor memory in the comments!) and the blogger asked, if you could sum up your purpose for using social media, how would you do it? This got me thinking a lot and I figured I’d try and take a stab at a halfway decent response.

For anyone who’s read my blog, I think you can tell that I love agriculture. I can’t help it. It’s where my roots are and it’s the industry that I’m choosing to build a future in. However, I’m also interested in lots of other things. While they haven’t hit my blog so much, my wide variety of interests tend to fill my Twitter stream rather frequently. I love Glee, muscials, movies and showtunes. I’m a proud Spartan and I’m excited to learn what the city of Minneapolis holds for me when I make my big move next week. I enjoy watching Harry Potter and taking trips to Disney World with my family and my boyfriend. I can be found watching Jeopardy (complete with out-loud answers involving “What is ______?”) and have friends that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I grew up in the blue corduroy jacket and am a 4-H alumna. I love to travel and would go back to London in a heartbeat.

The reason I use social media is to share the story of a recent college grad who is all of these things – agriculturalist, Gleek, child of Disney and friend. I don’t necessarily have just a farm story or just a college story or just a young professional story. I’m a hodge podge and that’s okay. A farmer can be more than a farmer. A college student can be more than a college student. A Gleek is more than just a Gleek 🙂 Being multi-faceted means I can connect with lots of people. And making those connections and building those relationships is what participating in social media is all about anyways.

Why are you involved in social media?


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