Living it up in the big city!

It’s official: I’ve moved to Minneapolis and started my new job!

I’ve been here a little less than a week and have spent that time looking for apartments (right now I’m living out of a hotel), seeing the sights and getting settled into my new job. Every part of that has been pretty great (except for maybe the apartment-hunting part — it’s a work in progress).

While I miss my friends and family, it’s exciting to start something new and reach beyond what I’m comfortable with. It’s neat to see the agricultural communications field from the private sector in a big city and it’s rewarding to know that I was brave enough to try something new and different. As I finish out my first week in Minneapolis, I’m looking forward to where the future will take me.


2 responses

  1. Congrats! It’s always bit scary/exciting when you start a new chapter but it’s usually more on the exciting part when you like what you are doing. I know you will keep on inspiring everyone around you. =)

  2. glad to see you writing some of this too…. if nothing else, you may find it interesting later! keep blogging!

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