Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Reasons to love Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Reason #1

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My love affair with red velvet

I love red velvet anything and I’m not afraid to admit it. Since joining Pinterest, my level of red velvet salivation has risen dramatically. Every red velvet recipe I run across just looks so delicious, I can’t stand it. I can just imagine the taste of that delectably dense cake and yummy cream cheese frosting.

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Give my regards to Broadway

I’ve always felt my love for musical theater was just a little strange amongst my peers. Growing up in a small, rural town in the Midwest where my high school had no drama program, you had to travel a few hours to see a traveling production of any Broadway show. It was only after my parents went and saw Phantom of the Opera in Toronto for their anniversary that I got hooked.

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Out to the Movies: One for the Money

A light-hearted comedy, this is one to see with your girls.

When I first moved to the Twin Cities, a coworker and I got together for a trip to the Mall of America. Over lunch we got talking about books we liked. She mentioned this series of books by Janet Evanovich – the Stephanie Plum series. She described the general plot, how each book title was a play on a number and said they were absolutely hilarious. Ever since that conversation, I had been meaning to pick up the first book and give it a try.

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Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! You’re in for a treat this evening…

The past six months have gone by in a blur. I graduated from college, moved 12 hours from home, started my first job, rented my first solo apartment, and bought my first couch, television and crockpot. I left the rural, small town life I was familiar with for a city that’s more familiar with hipsters than hay balers. I’m experiencing true independence for the first time and loving every minute of it.

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