Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! You’re in for a treat this evening…

The past six months have gone by in a blur. I graduated from college, moved 12 hours from home, started my first job, rented my first solo apartment, and bought my first couch, television and crockpot. I left the rural, small town life I was familiar with for a city that’s more familiar with hipsters than hay balers. I’m experiencing true independence for the first time and loving every minute of it.

Only six months ago I was getting my diploma. Now I'm living in the big city. How time flies.

On the opposite side of the same coin, though, I’m every bit the person I’ve always been.

I love everything entertainment – movies, music, television, plays, musical theater. You name it, and I’m there. I’d rather chill out at home with a good book than hit the bars on a Friday night. I’d rather enjoy one glass of hard cider than do shots with the girls. I can’t drink without some greasy or salty food to accompany it. My favorite outfit consists of jeans and a hoodie. I am counting down the days until I can get my iPhone. And a pair of TOMS flats. I hate wearing makeup. I love my short hair.

Cannot wait to own a pair of these!

I always say I’d never be the person to fall to pieces in front of a famous person, but secretly I know I would. I’m a proud feminist and supporter of equality. I’m skeptical of religion but a proponent of love and acceptance. I have five best friends, plus a network of great friends from all over the country, and I don’t know what I’d do without them. My family drives me insane, but they’re also my closest confidants. I am an incredibly difficult person to date and my boyfriend is a saint for putting up with me.

I'm lucky he puts up with me!

I love pigs and puppies. I cry when I get angry. I need to learn how to toughen up. My sarcasm irritates other people. I’m working on that. I love my memory foam pillow, but actually sleep straight on the mattress. I could go to Disney World every month and never think that it’s anything other than the happiest place on Earth.

I love agriculture, but I enjoy supporting America’s farmers and ranchers from a role off the farm. I believe there is no better therapy than being able to sing in your car at the top of your lungs. And then get a massage. I’m a nerd. Ask anyone.

I have a PhD in horribleness.

I am me. I needed a change-up on the blog front. Thank you for watching the previews. On with the show!


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