Give my regards to Broadway

I’ve always felt my love for musical theater was just a little strange amongst my peers. Growing up in a small, rural town in the Midwest where my high school had no drama program, you had to travel a few hours to see a traveling production of any Broadway show. It was only after my parents went and saw Phantom of the Opera in Toronto for their anniversary that I got hooked.

The one that started it all.

After they came back from the show, they bought the soundtrack from the original London production and I listened to that tape daily. I’d sing along like I was a classically trained opera singer and I’d create the story in my head. I didn’t see the play on stage for many years after that, but I still remember how that music took me to another place and allowed my imagination to soar.

I still get that same feeling today. While I’ve seen many shows since I first fell in love with Phantom, it never fails that I find a song on Spotify or Pandora or the Tony’s from a show I’ve never seen and I’m whisked away to a place where life and experience is shared through song and music. For as much as I love television and movies, the combination of song and story creates a feeling that is hard to duplicate.

Of all the productions I've seen, I think Wicked is my favorite.

What about you? Are you a Broadway fan? I’d love to hear about your favorite show or performance. There are still many that I’d like to see and some I have yet to even hear of!


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