The Delorean will always be cool

I’m going to admit it: I wasn’t born when the first Back to the Future film came out. But that doesn’t mean trilogy continues to be one of my favorites of all time! I just don’t think there’s any way you can go wrong with time travel, Michael J. Fox, hoverboards, Huey Lewis and the News, Doc and a preview of what 2015 is going to look like (those flying cars better get previewing at auto shows if everyone’s supposed to have one in three years!).

I am on my second box set because I wore out one of the discs in the first. They’re just so entertaining with lines like this…

These movies are timeless, right up there with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. If you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out!

And I know I’m not the only Back to the Future fan out there, so weigh in with your favorite quote in the poll below! Your favorite’s not there? Leave it in the comments!


2 responses

  1. Yet another movie I’m not allowed to watch with Cris (others include Pure Country, Tremors, The Cutting Edge, and just about every Disney cartoon put out in the 90’s) because I sit there and unintentionally start reciting parts.

    1. Agreed, Mandy! And I’m soooo with you on the Disney movies as well 🙂 Got to love quotable films!

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