Out to the Movies: The Vow

From the first time I saw the preview last fall, I knew I was going to be in the theater when The Vow came out. It has everything that interests me in a movie: a love story, a good looking guy, a loveable girl. It’s a typical, yet enjoyable, chick flick romance.

Which is why, after seeing it tonight, I’m okay saying that there was nothing spectacular about the film.

Did I like it? Absolutely. Do I think you should go see it? Most definitely. Why, though – you’re asking yourself – if it’s so ordinary? I’ll tell you.

Because it has that thing I think every really truly great romance film should have – that ounce of reality that takes it from fiction-filled, never really going to happen fantasy and steps it up to something that makes you reflect on your own relationship(s).

You may or may not know that the film is actually based on real events. For one couple, an accident took away the wife’s memory. They’re still together today with two children, but she never regained her memory and had to learn to re-love her husband. What strikes me and moves me so much is this:

What if the person I loved more than anyone suddenly couldn’t remember me?

It’s that thought that brings me to tears. It’s that small ounce of reality – something that could potentially happen – that makes all the difference in this movie. It’s the same thing that makes the difference in my other favorite Rachel McAdams film, The Notebook. It’s not the handsome men or the beat-the-odds love story. It’s the portrayal of something that hits close to home that really takes a film to the next level.

OVERALL: The Vow is not an extraordinary love story. But it’s a real love story. And that’s what makes all the difference.


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