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When I first started on this journey to live in the big, bad city on my own, everyone asked “What? You’re moving somewhere where you have no friends? No family?”. At the time, I told them I was tough. I tend to hang by myself a lot of the time, anyways. It would be no big deal.

Oh, how naive I was.

Has it been terrible? No. It’s actually been okay for most of the three months I’ve been here. However, there are days, like today, when I miss home so badly it puts me in tears. Out of a pure need to vent, the list below is some of the things I’m missing today.

  • The atmosphere of East Lansing on Michigan-Michigan State game day.
  • People who love Glee just as much as I do.
  • A roommate, best friend, boyfriend or sister who will come crash and watch movies with me or sit and talk for no good reason.
  • Spur of the moment trips to the Peanut Barrel or Leo’s. Just because.
  • Hours-long complaining and/or gossip sessions about anything that happens to come up.
  • Seeing people’s faces, instead of just hearing their voices.
  • People who know I’m boring. And still like me anyways.
  • My East Lansing family.

I cannot say how excited I am to head back to the mitten for Thanksgiving.


Missing Spartan football

While I loved my time at Michigan State (most of the time), there’s not a lot about college that I miss. Homework, exams, getting up early to go to class. All my college friends can keep those and I’ll keep my salary 🙂

However, one thing I do miss is the atmosphere surrounding college football season.

Tonight is the first MSU game of the season and I’m kind of sad that I’m not on campus to enjoy it. I miss the crowds that flock to East Lansing, the random shouts of “Go Green! Go White!” and the camaraderie you feel with people you don’t even know – just because they’re fellow Spartans. There’s something about college football – especially Big 10 football – that can’t be replaced.

So, I will be wearing my ‘Michigan State Agriculture’ T-shirt to work, decorating my desk with some Spartan stuff and finding a sports bar with Big 10 Network so I can catch at least part of the game. I may not be home, but I can still show my pride in being a Spartan during football season.

Go Green! Go White!

Decorating my new apartment

Now that I’m all settled in my new apartment and have three weeks of work in the big city under my belt, I figure it’s about time that I start thinking of some ways to decorate my place. Currently, as you can tell from the photos, it’s a jumbled collection of stuff with nothing on the walls and a fairly bland color palette.

My living room full of stuff. Needs some serious decorating help, but at least I have a TV and a couch now!

My kitchen - I love the "hard wood" floors!

My bathroom - I'm all about bright colors in the morning 🙂

I’m looking for some ideas on decorating! I’ve gotten some great ones already from people over on Facebook, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking of doing something with movies (since I’m a big fan) and possibly vintage movie posters. Any ideas for a paint color for a single wall (don’t want to go too crazy, but some color might be nice). What do you think I should do?

New connections through online friends

I’m always surprised at how handy social media connections can be in real life, although I’m not sure why since they seem to keep happening! My online friends played a huge role in helping me look for a job in the agri-marketing world and, now that I’ve accepted a position and started my career, they’re coming in handy again connecting me with people in Minneapolis.

The people you can meet at conferences, like Michele Payn-Knoper who I met at the AgChat Foundation conference last year, can be valuable friends in times that may surprise you.

When I accepted my position, I knew that I would be moving to a city where I knew no one besides the people I work with. Thankfully, my network has been more than happy to connect me with people they know in the Twin Cities. Just the other night, I went out to dinner with Ellen, a former 4-Her from Michele Payn-Knoper‘s county in Indiana. She’s an intern with Land O’Lakes this summer and a student at Purdue. Despite the fact that we’d never met before, we had a great time getting to know one another over burgers at this great hole-in-the-wall burger joint near the University of Minnesota. We bonded over dairy judging, land grant university and internship experiences. It was great to hang out with someone I have so much in common with.

As time goes on, I look forward to meeting up with other people I’ve been connected to through mutual friends. It’s so nice to know that my online friends have my back and are willing to introduce me to their network so I’m not all by myself.

Have you ever moved to a place where you knew no one? How did you meet people?